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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page! We are happy you have chosen us as your source of information. This page contains the most interesting solutions, tricks, and wise decisions to successfully complete your carpet cleaning activity.

Will chemicals used in carpet cleaning affect my pets and kids?

Safety is the leading priority of all manufacturers of carpet cleaning products. In fact, products go through tests to ensure they are safe for the environment and do not impose any possible high-risk health hazards. Professionals at Carpet Cleaning Lancaster recommend a relevant and safe cleaning procedure. If you are worried about strong chemicals, let children and pets stay away from the carpet until it is completely dry.

Can carpet cleaning totally remove all stains?

There is no guarantee that carpet cleaning can remove all stains during the cleaning procedure. This is because there are some spilled substances that can permanently damage the carpet and no chemicals and cleaning process can reverse such. This is the reason why you need to be careful at all times to avoid spillages and dirt that can be detrimental to the appearance and life of your carpet.

Will professional carpet cleaning void my carpet’s warranty?

Some carpets come with warranty policies that rescind obligation after the carpets are exposed to certain cleaning substances and after-treatments, especially those that are solvent or silicone-based. To be sure about this, it is suggested having a second look at the packaging of your carpet or calling the store where you bought the carpet to clarify the warranty policy.

Is it alright to walk on the carpet right after cleaning it?

It’s alright to walk on your carpet right after you finish cleaning it, but our experts working in Lancaster recommend minimizing the traffic on the carpet until it is completely dry. This is because traffic can lengthen the dry time, and wet feet can cause you to slip on flat surfaces.

What causes mold growth on carpets?

Molds thrive in a warm and moist environment. They normally start growing under the carpet where moisture can be trapped and cannot escape. Mold can come in different colors, so if you notice any green, black, or white growth, it could be mold that cannot easily be removed by basic carpet cleaning. Mold removal methods might be needed.

Will you tell me if my carpet needs deep cleaning or not?

Of course. But you will know if and when a carpet needs deep cleaning just by the look and feel of it. If it looks matted and feels sticky, then it definitely needs the attention of professionals. Moreover, if it has been a while since the carpet has seen a vacuum, deep cleaning is definitely in order.

Is it possible to remove dog scent from my carpet?

Yes. Our experts say that a combination of carpet cleaning and application of industrial odor removal products can effectively remove the scent your dog may have left on your carpet. It is also helpful to train your pet so it would not do the same thing in the future.

Is it possible to scrub stains on tiles?

Sometimes, this technique works perfectly well. It pays off to moisten the stain a bit with hot water first. It is crucial to use a soft-bristled brush. If the bristled are stiff, they can scratch the tiles. Scratched tiles get dirty more quickly.

Do textured porcelain tiles get dirty more quickly?

This is typically the case. This is because dirt is more likely to stick to uneven surfaces than to smooth ones. However, this isn't a reason to shy away from such tiles for your home. You simply need to clean them more often. Another trick for getting excellent results is to let the cleaning solution soak into the tiles for about ten minutes before rinsing it off.

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