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Pet Hair Cleaning Services

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Pet Hair Cleaning Services

It is always important to take the best care of your rugs as you can, to ensure that they enjoy a longer life that is free from stains, damages and the onset of mold. But doing this by yourself can be risky and often fruitless if you don’t have the skills and equipment needed to get the job done right – this is even more difficult when you own furry pets. That is why you should contact us at “Carpet Cleaning Lancaster” to see to it that your rugs get the maintenance and carpet cleaning services that they deserve.Pet Hair Cleaning Services in California

Homes with smokers and pets

The fibers in a rug can really hold on to unwanted smells and particles. Homes with smokers and pets know all too well how ash and pet hair can become entrenched in a carpet’s fibers, contributing to poor health, unpleasant living conditions and allergies. That is why our team of professionals offers services on pet hair and odor removal for all kinds of residential carpets, to keep your home smelling fresh and free of germs.

Maintenance and restoration

We also offer, besides deep cleaning, restorations and maintenance on worn or damaged rugs that have seen one too many battles with the sun or liquids. Get your carpets back in fighting shape with services on mold removal, excessive water extraction and refurbishing to get them looking new again.

So give us a call if you are in Lancaster, or take a look at our website. Our team is waiting for your call.

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