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Knowing how to properly clean carpets

12/10/2013 Back To Blog

Cleaning the carpet should not be a hard task if you only knew how to do it properly. You could be advised on some great tips from the specialists of Carpet Cleaning Lancaster. Some of them can be effective in certain types of carpets but they are not absolutely effective in cleaning every type. You'll be told that each fabric requires a different method of cleaning.Knowing how to properly clean carpets

Clean all the sides of the carpet

Carpet cleaning is a though process. It’s ideal that you clean both sides of the carpet. When cleaning Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, silk rugs and wool rugs, it’s better that you remove the dirt and dust from all sides. You could either use a vacuum cleaner to suck all small dirt from both sides. The best way to vacuum your rug is by starting on the back side. Then move on the top surface, but be careful in vacuuming the front. It’s best that you set the vacuum cleaner in medium settings and never put it on high when vacuuming the front surface.

Use a softer liquid solution

When using a carpet shampoo it’s preferable that you use one that is not strong enough to damage the fabric. One Stain removal liquid solution you can make is mixing 3 parts of water to 1/2 parts of fabric softener and 1/2 part liquid detergent. It’s best that you pour hot water first to your carpet before you apply the liquid solution.

So before using any type of liquid solution to your carpet it would be ideal to know first the ingredients and check if it’s strong enough to damage the fabric. You need to know the proper cleaning way to avoid damaging them when doing the task by yourself.

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